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Creative Ideas
We offer creative and progressive ideas so that our customers can progress quickly and confidently.
Major Projects
The projects we will do in line with the vision and mission of our customers will make a big impact!
Quick solutions
We identify the problems of our customers and come with solutions and solutions as soon as possible.
What Are We Doing?
Digital Marketing Management
In the market where your products will be sold, we determine your target audience in the most detailed and accurate way and create the most suitable advertising campaigns for your e-commerce site.
Graphic Design
Graphic design ensures your new site works towards meeting your most important marketing, sales and business goals.
We organize the interfaces of the site and application according to customer habits and ensure that customers hold on.
We enable you to follow your work more easily by issuing reports on the work done on digital platforms.
Search Engine Optimization
We perform on-site and off-site SEO studies to increase your website traffic and to stand out in Google organic searches.
Support & Technical Support
We are with you in the support you need in the digital environment. You can reach us through the communication channel you want and get service.
Operational Solutions
We help you to improve your operational processes, starting with your customers' order and ending with their delivery.
E-Commerce Consulting
By analyzing the market volume and competitors, we determine the most accurate ways to achieve maximum profit.
Data Analysis
Your brand must have a special place in the minds of your target audience in order to be distinguished from your competitors.
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Beklentilerin Üstüne Çıkmak!


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Hacı Mustafa Han

Stop the ads, we can't keep up!

Ecko Unltd

500% GROWTH?



Dergah Tesbih

Growing in E-commerce with E-Adam is Not a Dream!

Bulut Kimya

Becoming a Brand to Open to the World!



Deep Atelier


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From Zero to 10 MILLION TL Annual Turnover Target!

Nefis Gurme

Our Sales Increase Every Day With E-adam!


Growing over 100% in 2 months


E-adam Provides Support in All Issues in the Field of E-commerce!


Increase Sales by 5X!

Abiye Sarayı

E-commerce Journey

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E-commerce Support from A to Z

I Love Shoes

700% Growth with E-adam

Ayakkabı Prensi

Up to 200K Daily Turnover with E-adam


3X Growth From The First Month?

Gönül Kolat

From Zero to Top with E-Adam

Hause Kids



From Zero to 10 MILLION TL Annual Turnover Target!

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Business Ethics

We take our job seriously. We adopt the mission and vision of our companies and cooperate in this direction.

We are a family

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Office Environment

We look forward to achieving great success with our huge team at our new location!

After meeting with E-Adam on the way out with the goal of increasing our number of store branches with our 5-year ready-to-wear experience, we turned to the e-commerce field, which we tried for 5 years but never succeeded in. Since we have made large investments and not been able to get their returns, we have started to gain more sunday space and more profit with less investment. E-adam not only acts as a digital agency for us, but also acts as a mentor at every point of e-commerce. Trust the experienced team of E-Adam and follow their valuable advice. Success will come by itself. Thank you E-Adam family!

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Mehmet Oral

M15.com Co-Founder

One of the biggest advantages of working with E-Adam is process analysis and I would say that they show us the best way to improve the process. We have seen that they have made this a part of dedicated and effective work as a team. I sincerely believe that our belief in the E-Adam team is important for the success of our project and I thank the entire team for being with us on this path.

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Mrs. Halime

Enntrend.com E-Commerce Manager

We worked with a well-known agency in the sector for 13 months before E-Adam, but we didn’t get any results. After 3 months of working with E-adam, we achieved 12-fold growth. The E-Adam is not just a digital agency, he is a companion who knows every point of e-commerce well and guides the way. Thank you, E-ADAM!

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Karpefingo.com E-commerce Director

We have been doing e-commerce for 3 years. Before we met E-Adam, we were making small profits by spending big budgets with big advertising agencies. However, we have grown 25 times in 3 months after E-Adam. Thank you for doing your job with interest in a disciplined manner.

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Muharrem EMRE

Bonjey.com Co-Founder

Before we met E-adam, we were experiencing serious time and financial losses for our company. Now we are happy to work with the E-Adam family, which knows its business very well, has experience, offers healthy recommendations. Our costs have decreased, our solutions have increased. We would like to thank the dynamic and friendly E-Adam team, which always takes care of our interests, guides us with its knowledge and experience.


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Lavinse.com E-Commerce Manager

After meeting with E-adam; we preferred E-Adam’s proactive solutions for our innovative campaigns and sub-brands to reach their target audiences. Their care for us to grow our business and their appreciation for constantly updating their knowledge are appreciated, their approach is very empathetic. They are very successful in customer analysis, understanding what is being asked, they work quickly and meticulously… It’s great that they also support you with possible problems after the job is done.
Finally, we have signed with a company that reveals our corporate identity and adds value to our prestige, I can say that it is the best team dec communication between the agencies I work with.
I would like to thank the team for their quick solution and support, I enjoy our partnership that will last for many years and I wish them continued success.

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Bora Alp

Lufian E-commerce Manager

It’s an investment…
E-Adam is actually an income gate if you look at it.
As long as you work with E-Adam, you are entering a process where you can earn income, make a profit.

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Mr. Hakan

Aker E-Commerce Manager

Although we were able to manage this business well, a more professional hand had to be touched on this business now. We have decided that there is an E-Adam in this.
As a matter of fact, we met Mr. Eren. He came to Izmir and visited us. He talked about his work. Then we started working.
After I started working, I can express it very clearly and clearly that we have gained a strange momentum.

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Oğuzhan Kocabaş

AyakkabiPrensi.com CEO

We have shown a serious improvement in a short time. Our passive ads have moved to the active level.
The feedback we have received from the ads is very positive and has high rates.
Therefore, we can say that from scratch to the top…

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Yasin Susam

Gönül Kolat CEO

They support us in all aspects of e-commerce because we are at the very beginning of the road in terms of professionalism and e-commerce. We set up our website together. They have help at the design stage, we have received their help and support with our photo shoots. They have support, from whether our photos are professional or not, to how they are sized, and they are managed by E-Adam, whether they are social media ads or Google ads. In order to improve our process, they actually started to support us in every glitch they saw and they continue to.

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Özlem Öztürk

İpekotantik e-Commerce Manager

What does it give you when you go to the oven and ask for a loaf of bread? Isn’t it bread? E-Adam is giving you whole wheat bread! That’s the difference with E-Adam!
E-Adam gives you a job according to him by looking at you, interpreting you. Whatever we were before E-adam, there is a 40% growth after E-adam.
It was 40% this month and 60% last month…

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Yunus Emre Çetinkaya

Artucky CEO

Since we started working with E-adam, we have achieved an increase of almost 450%-500%. Their 7/24 strict follow-up and hard work principle was very effective in this.

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Mete Karaalp


Obviously, together with E-Adam, we set goals and work with full effort as two parties to achieve them together, whatever it takes. They themselves provide us with uninterrupted support and service 7/24. After each goal we achieve in this regard, we continue to move towards a new goal, without getting fed up and without stopping. Since we met with E-Adam, I Love Shoes has increased by about 6-7 times

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Başak and Metin Çercel

I love Shoes Co-Founders

The best thing about E-Adam is that you can really get in touch with the team instantly. I give an example, we send a message when we need it, and an instant solution is provided. In any case, the reason they have contributed the most to us is because communication is very, very good. So being able to reach out at any time is the part that comforts us the most. The fact that all of our budgets reached the target audience directly caused a very, very big increase for us. The best thing about E-Adam is that he can be a family. We’ve become like a family.

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Hülya Keser

Company Founder

After meeting with E-Adam, we came to the conclusion that he is very suitable for our company and can answer all our questions. The E-Adam can have an opinion not only on the digital marketing part, but also on all issues, because his experience is very high. They are able to guide us in everything, at least as a result of an opinion, and this is something that is very important to us. We can say that E-Adam has become our solution partner rather than a company we work with. Before E-Adam, we didn’t know what to do in the digital marketing section and we had a lot of question marks. The E-Adam solved them and actually told us about the importance of digital marketing and what we should do. This was their most important contribution to us. As a turnover, they also started to show their differences from the first day they arrived.

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Anıl Şahin

KeiKei Software Development Manager

“Stop the ads now, we can’t keep up!” there have also been times when we have said. We have grown 5-6 times in a short period of time, such as 1 month. Of course, we were excited about this, but with this growth, my team friends have come to the point of “enough is enough, don’t order”.

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Mustafa Talha Koyuncu

Hacı Mustafa Manager

We have achieved a very good momentum with E-Adam and we believe that it will contribute to the evolution of the Abiye Sarayi brand to good points going forward. The most beautiful feature of E-Adam is its dynamic way of working. He listens to the customer, understands and begins to make customer-oriented contributions. This is also very valuable for us.

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Nesim Mizrahitokatlı

Abiye Sarayı Company Founder

Despite the pandemic process, we have shown a growth of 350%, and our growth rate chart is rising in the same way every day. They have a very serious support both on the website side and on the customer relations side, as well as in the sense of social media management, social media advertising. We have become like a family and we are working with great pleasure right now. After E-Adam, we started to ship cargo to an average of 50-60 countries every week. Especially in line with the demands from Arab countries, our wholesale customers have increased a lot.

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Burcu Güzeltaş & Duygu Derin

Deep Atelier Co-Founders

Since we started working with E-Adam, our sales have increased 5 times. We see that working with an experienced, expert, well-communicative, relevant and hardworking team contributes greatly to our ability to manage and improve these processes more easily.

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Cebir Kaya

Maraton Retail Manager

There is also an interesting side, we can say that the process of creating this project has started with a person we met online to sell online. This project is running for about 10-11 years. We were very impressed by the imagination they created about us or the place they positioned us. Because of the stereotypical term “business blindness”, sometimes it can make you forget about your own awareness, sometimes you don’t see your potential and the points you can reach. Obviously, the biggest contribution of E-Adam was that they reminded us of our potential again. After E-Adam entered our lives, I can say that these decision-making processes have accelerated a little more. Certain of our departments have become more dynamic. Not only on the digital or advertising side; in the sense of motivation, in the sense of support, in the graphic design part of the business, in the customer relations side of the business, in short, they try to touch wherever they can touch. We were very impressed that they saw us as their own company rather than a company they worked for.

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Serhat Göktaş

Delisiyim Company Co-Founder

In fact, it has been a short time since we met with E-adam, and although it has been recently, we have felt growth, their suggestions and the way they have shown in the digital medium have been met and returned in a short time, we are now feeling it. In fact, I want to thank you because growth is no longer a dream, but a reality, we are currently feeling growth, the suggestions we received in e-commerce have really paid off, I know a debt of gratitude to E-Adam.

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Mustafa Şimşek

Dergah Tesbih Company Founder

I met the E-Adam on the advice of a friend.I have shortcomings in branding
when I felt it, he added quality to our brand, making it a quality that would be opened to the whole world and turning it into a brand. Uninhibited about service, friendship
there have been people for us who have no boundaries in their subject matter, but who we can easily call as a friend. Before we met, we thought that our brand was in a good place, but seeing our shortcomings, we saw that our brand was very lacking and was not ready to become a world brand, but after we met, we have become a company that is ready to open to the whole world right now. Now we have learned how to become a good brand in terms of branding.

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Salman Ağaç

Bulut Kimya Company Founder

Our work plan with E-Adam is actually all inclusive.We actually started this project together, from day one, there was actually no before, it was zero, so we were at ground zero. From ground zero, we set out on this path together. The important thing was that they believed the story of our brand. They believed, their teams believed. I’m not calling him our agent, our business partner, I think we’re partners. This success story is something that was created together. There’s a lot of people’s work at the back of it. There is not only 1 person here, from the person who does the packaging to the product’s supply stage, planning the labor-intensive purchasing chain, advertising management, that is, after we have done everything correctly, delivering these products to the right audience is the main lever of the business. On this side, E-Adam has achieved a success that is more than expected. It seems that we have a very long, very beautiful way to go. The main thing is to be able to continue doing the right things together.

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Vural çavuşoğlu

Homefesto Co-Founder

I met E-Adam through the reference of a brand that I found very successful, which I shopped with. The E-Adam supports us in everything from a to Z. He supports us in all the remaining issues except social media management. Firstly, it is a great advantage for us that we are always within reach, that they can solve every problem in minutes. Whether it is campaign editing, advertising management, that is, to put it simply; they have a very, very big contribution to our growth. I don’t see E-Adam as an agency, but as if one of our family is one of our own team. in 2021, E-Adam entered our lives, and now I can say that we have closed the year 2021 with a growth of 350%-400%.

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Burak Öksüz

Hause Kids Company Founder

I met the E-adam by watching the video of a friend who I actually trust with e-commerce knowledge, to put it mildly, this sincerity is found in very few companies. This is a very sought-after phenomenon, all e-commerce companies from a to z have updated the design of our site, all advertising modules manage their ads, social media ads, Youtube ads. I think E-adam, everything that needs to be done is gradually being processed. It adds speed to the process we have taken. We have been working here for 2 months, but I am aware of everything that has been done, and we are going in a growing trend, our sales are increasing every day. We also have B2B sales in Nefis Gurme I think that the ads they make also affect our B2B sales.

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Nedim Eskinazi

Founder of Nefis Gurme Company

We first met with e-adam through the videos he shared on social media, and when we reviewed his testimonials, they were already remarkable, the successes they achieved. E-adam actually performs all the activities we call 360 degree marketing with us. Although it is hundreds of km away, E-adam works with us as if we were a team inside our office, they constantly contact us via Whatsapp, they constantly come across ideas and suggestions, we have updated the design of our website in record time with e-adam, but it was not done so professionally, we have access to review advertising panels, we have transparent progress processes, when we review the advertising work there is already sure. Dozens of advertising campaigns have been created for almost every of our products. Both the recycling rates on our site have increased, the traffic on our website has increased, and our organic traffic has also increased. In about two months, we have achieved close to one hundred percent organic growth, and at the same time, our new customer rate has increased by one hundred percent

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Abdurrahman Aktan

Thalia Company E-commerce Manager

I could see that Harun had done a very good job at sharing his brain, and I thought that I could overcome this fear this way, that I had met the right person this time. When I called them, we had a very nice conversation and I got confidence, obviously. They were able to break all my prejudices. We have noticed their dominance in the business and their work experience very well. As a result of a good research, we found that his references were also very strong, and we started working with E-adam. At first we were very negative because of the experiences we had from our experiences. We were looking every day ; I wonder what’s going on, what they’re doing, how it’s going, will we have the same scene again. We were asking ourselves these questions every day. E-adam actually follows, sees and manages us better than we do. While we were thinking about doing some things, we realized that it was done by e-adam. We actually had a conversation about advertising in this guy. But in the process of E-adam ;advertising, software, site optimization, we also see that it does very effective work on graphics. At the moment, I would say that E-adam is doing the entire organization of our site. Within 2 months of meeting E adam, there was a noticeable growth in our business.after 4 months, we achieved a growth of about 300%-400%. Frankly, we didn’t expect to grow so much.I thank them myself.

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Lokman Aktaş

Locco Fashion Co-Founder

E-adam and I met on the internet, in fact, we were looking for a consulting firm in order to develop and grow our own businesses. In fact, we have been working with E-adam for a short time, but even in this short time, we have developed ourselves well with their support, whether in a graphic sense or in a digital sense, we have seen their very nice contributions. In fact, E-adam provides us with support on all issues in the field of e-commerce. We receive support from them in the graphic field, advertising field, campaign forehead.

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Nida Güneri

Batik Fashion E-commerce Manager

How did we meet the E-adam? We have been meeting E-adam owners Eren and Harun bey from the retail sector since many years ago and they have moved this business to digital marketing. They began to apply their savings here. We analyzed the enterprises that started working with them, the digital parts of which we decided to give them. How does e-adam support us Unlike other agencies, we have achieved great success in a short time because they have mastered everything from packaging to customer relations because they come from within this business, we can get support from them on everything from campaign planning to company operation. ‘They even told us when they first arrived that they would double our last monthly sale, and we can almost say that we have almost tripled it,” he said.’It is not possible for us to work on digital marketing so much as for them to stand behind their promises, it is not possible for us to train, so we can say that we have completely handed the job over to them. After we started working with e-adam, we can say that we completely forgot about the digital and graphic part, they have a large team in this field and they are really so successful that they are really very interested in us, I can say with our company.

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Gizem Yazıcı

General Manager of Limoya Company
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