Able to work in harmony with SEO and take responsibility; If you trust your pen, speed and ideas, but most importantly, you know Turkish very well, we would love to work with you!

General Qualifications and Job Description

As E-adam Digital, we have served hundreds of companies in the sector and we continue to actively serve more than 60 companies from textiles to food, from cosmetics to health products, from tourism to real estate.
He will be included in our professional staff, we will achieve more success together and he will share the same excitement with us;
– Graduated from related departments of universities (preferably journalism, literature department),
– Paying attention to spelling rules, attentive, sensitive to phrasing and erroneous use,
– Knowledge of SEO
-Producing content suitable for SEO,
-Will be able to write blog and category articles suitable for the target audience and brand,
-Creating original content on Social Media and Digital Advertising content depending on the situation,
– Preferably fluent in English
– Being creatively involved in business processes,
– Prone to teamwork and suitable for coordinated work
We are looking for a “Copy Writer” teammate.

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