Dear communication professional,
If running from meeting to meeting does not make you tired and keeps your excitement and determination dynamic; “I give the best briefs.” If you say so, we would love to see you among us!

General Qualifications and Job Description

As E-adam Digital, we have served hundreds of companies in the sector and we continue to actively serve more than 60 companies from textiles to food, from cosmetics to health products, from tourism to real estate.
He will be included in our professional staff, we will achieve more success together and he will share the same excitement with us;
-Having experience in the sales department in the Digital Advertising or Software sectors,
-High persuasiveness,
– Strong bilateral relations,
-Sales oriented,
-To be able to arrange the work schedule in a busy pace,
-Not forgetful,
– Able to follow up and finalize work,
-Strong body language,
We are looking for a “Customer Representative” teammate.

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