If you know that the future is in SEO, if you want to improve yourself and move up the career ladder with a good team, we need each other; We want to see you in our team too!

General Qualifications and Job Description

As E-adam Digital, we have served hundreds of companies in the sector and we continue to actively serve more than 60 companies from textiles to food, from cosmetics to health products, from tourism to real estate.
Will be included in our professional staff, we will achieve more success together and will share the same excitement with us;
– Those who want to have knowledge about search engines,
– Taking part in on-site/off-site linking,
– Ability to analyze, interpret and report,
-Following digital trends and innovations,
-It will add new values to us and we can exchange information mutually,
– Willingness to work and prone to teamwork,
– Giving importance to work discipline,
– Able to adapt to the busy agency tempo,
-Loves to work and learn
We are looking for a “SEO Intern” teammate.
Internship Period: Minimum 3 months, maximum 6 months. This period may be shortened depending on the performance development. You can join our staff after the internship process is completed.

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