“I have a good command of new technologies and frameworks, I follow the principles of ‘clean and agile coding’, I am highly motivated, I have analytical thinking and problem solving skills.” If you say so, we are waiting for you to our team!

General Qualifications and Job Description

As E-adam Digital, we have served hundreds of companies in the sector and we continue to actively serve more than 60 companies from textiles to food, from cosmetics to health products, from tourism to real estate.
He will be included in our professional staff, we will achieve more success together and he will share the same excitement with us;
– Ability to think analytically and solve problems
– Prone to teamwork
– Able to take responsibility and prioritize communication,
– Open to innovations and keen on technology, able to produce solutions for legacy systems when necessary,
– Having a level of English to follow the literature,
– Experienced in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
-Ticimax, Tisoft etc. have a command of the interface of the software,
– Capable of user-friendly design,
-Able to create responsive design,
– Knowledge of CSS, Bootstrap, JS, JQUERY, AJAX, XML and JSON structure,
-Knowing about SEO standards and coding according to SEO
We are looking for a “Software Specialist” teammate.

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