There is also an interesting side, we can say that the process of creating this project has started with a person we met online to sell online. This project is running for about 10-11 years. We were very impressed by the imagination they created about us or the place they positioned us. Because of the stereotypical term “business blindness”, sometimes it can make you forget about your own awareness, sometimes you don’t see your potential and the points you can reach. Obviously, the biggest contribution of E-Adam was that they reminded us of our potential again. After E-Adam entered our lives, I can say that these decision-making processes have accelerated a little more. Certain of our departments have become more dynamic. Not only on the digital or advertising side; in the sense of motivation, in the sense of support, in the graphic design part of the business, in the customer relations side of the business, in short, they try to touch wherever they can touch. We were very impressed that they saw us as their own company rather than a company they worked for.